Is Marijuana the Next Big Tobacco?

Is marijuana the next Big Tobacco? Dr. Sabet will go through the latest developments over the battle to legalize marijuana and will review the latest science about the drug – highlighting why science and policy are often disconnected. Dr. Sabet makes the claim that our greatest concern about the recent wave of marijuana legalization should…

Fort Worth Votes To Ban Smoking

Begining March 12, 2018, smoking will be banned in certain facilities across Fort Worth, Texas. Please see the article here:   

Congratulations Region 8!

Look at those smiles! Region 8 certainly has something to smile about; SACADA recently celebrated 60 years and held a Grand Opening for their brand new building. Please join me in congratulating Gyna Juarez and her group for all their hard work and dedication! Thank you, Region 8!

What Does The White House’s Opioid Emergency Declaration Mean?

The move might make it easier for remote treatment, but what about funding? Take a look at what this declaration is and isn’t in this Scientific American article:

Opioid Use In America

What makes America so different from other countries in regards to Opioid usage? Read this recent article from the BBC: