CEPP: Multiply by 10: The Impact of Stress on the Adolescent Brain


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Karen Williams - Rainbow Days


$25 for non HHSC funded providers


“Multiply by 10” comes from the quote from Dr. Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University: “Because youth are all about building their brains, you can multiply what you know about how stress affects the adult brain by ten-fold when you think about a 10-20 year old’s brain…” The adolescent brain is already “pre-stressed” due to all the developmental changes taking place. Any additional stress is the adolescents’ worst enemy. Stress, whether it is traumatic, chronic, or “everyday” can redirect, interrupt or delay normal brain development. It takes a huge effort to catch up again. This workshop will include a discussion of the implications for early prevention and intervention efforts in the individual, peer, family, school and community.

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