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8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Jill Darling - Rainbows Days


$50 for non HHSC funded providers


Rainbow Days’ Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG®) Programs are multi-cultural preventive interventions for selective and indicated populations of children and youth, developmental ages 4-15, whose high-risk situations, attitudes and behaviors place them at elevated risk for substance abuse, delinquency and violence. CBSG® is evidence-based and use a support group and trained facilitator to teach children and youth a set of essential life skills to help them learn how to: cope with difficult family situations, resist peer pressure, set and achieve goals, and refuse alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
CBSG® Program Facilitator Manual: The same age groupings, topics, format and activities are used in all CBSG® Program implementation settings. Spanish translations of program materials are available. Because different settings have unique needs, there are separate CBSG® Program Facilitator Manuals for the following populations: Kids’ Connection (For Developmental Ages 4-12) for use in school and community based settings Youth Connection (For Developmental Ages 10-15) for use in school and community based settings Kids’ Connection and Youth Connection include the following features:Participants are grouped by age and developmental level, with group size being limited to 6 to 12 members, depending on age and development.The CBSG® Program curricula for schools and community-based sites do not allow new members after the second session. The version for shelters, group homes and transitional settings allows an exception to this rule.
Typically, there are 10 sessions for selective populations and 12 sessions for indicated populations, plus optional pre/post evaluation survey sessions. Session duration is the same period of time as one regular school class period, ranging from 30 minutes for very young group participants to one hour for older group participants. Sessions are conducted either weekly or bi-weekly depending on the setting.
All group sessions are held in private, child-appropriate settings.

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