PST: Substance Abuse Prevention Across the Lifespan


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Rainbow Days


$25.00 for Non HHSC Funded Providers


Prevention Works! –  There can be little argument that this statement is true.  However, there have been many changes in the terminology and practice of prevention over the past few years.  These changes can be confusing for even the most experienced prevention specialist.  This workshop will review the state-of-the-art knowledge from prevention science and practice and help to dispel myths about what does and doesn’t work.

Workshop participants will be able to:
·        Articulate a working definition of substance abuse prevention;
·        Understand the Institute of Medicine Continuum of Care and Prevention Classifications:   universal, selective and indicated.
·        Participants will gain knowledge of prevention as a lifelong process
·        Participants will gain knowledge of brain development and the impact of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on the brain
·        Articulate a working definition of current prevention strategies.
·        Participants will gain knowledge of strategies to provide services at various stages of life

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