Strategies for Living in the World of Behavioral Health


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Julie Stevens


$25.00 non funded


Behavioral health must be a part of effective community prevention and treatment service systems that seek to produce positive health outcomes.  Behavioral health promotion is the focus of federal agencies, which face budget deficits and need to maximize the effect of funding dollars in the face of existing and emerging factors that impact health care.  This workshop will define key terms inherent in the new health care initiatives, describe the six 2015-2018 SAMHSA Strategic Initiatives, their prevention implications and their relationship to prevention of substance abuse, and outline the key concepts of the 2010 Institute of Medicine Report, Preventing Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Among Young People, and its implications for prevention practice. Participants will be able to identify three possible outcomes for prevention in a health care reform environment, and list three actions to take to prepare for the changing environment of behavioral health.

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