Trauma Informed Care


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Seanna Crosbie


$50 for Non-DSHS funded providers


Trauma impacts over 65% of children. And, for children living in poverty and dangerous neighborhoods, this number increases dramatically. In fact, research from the Centers for Disease Control, including Adverse Childhood Experience Study, indicates that childhood trauma may be the leading cause of mental illness, physical health issues, early death and learning problems throughout the life span.
This interactive and engaging six hour workshop provides personnel with specific intervention skills to assist those who have experienced trauma. Attendees will briefly learn about potentially traumatic events and symptoms of trauma in children. The six core values of trauma-informed work will also be presented, with an emphasis on how to create safety and collaboration in relationships with others. Interventions will be introduced based on the latest brain-based research on ways to help clients de-escalate as well as self-regulate. Participants will practice specific intervention skills through role-plays and case study opportunities.

Participants will be able to:

1 Identify trauma symptoms in children, including sensory processing issues
2 Identify six core values of trauma-informed care
3 Identify ways to increase a child’s sense of safety
4 Identify own triggers/barriers to helping children
5 Learn and practice self-regulation skills
6 Learn and practice reflective communication models

Spaces Available

8 available of 30 total


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