Help Make a Difference – CTS is Hiring!

CTS is devoted to helping make a difference in our communities and in the lives of our youth. If you are looking to be part of something amazing that truly makes a difference, this is it. We help save lives. We want the next member of our growing team to wear an easy smile, be…

Activities At PRC 10!

Our friends at PRC 10 have been busy. As part of their efforts in advocating for policy changes aimed at curbing underage drinking, the City Council of El Paso passed the Social Host Ordinance. Way to go PRC 10! PRC 10 is hosting a 5-part series of prevention provider workshops to gain insight into the…

NIH Video Series

The National Institute of Health has released a series of videos discussing different mainstream drugs. Please go to the link to view these videos!

Drug Trend Information and Data

On January 29, 2017 Addiction Now reported on the lack of awareness of senior citizens understanding the risks their prescribed medication poses. Please read the article in it’s entirety at: https:// www.addictionnow .com/2017/01/29/ lack-of-awareness- puts-seniors-at- high-risk-for- opioid-abuse/2/